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Hytera BD502i vs. PD402i

Hytera has recently launched the PD402i into the US market. This is a professional series DMR portable two-way radio that is IP55 rated for water and dust ingress.  You can program 256 channels and 3 zones into the PD402i (128 digital and 128 analog). 

The BD502i has been in the US market since 2017, and it has been by far our most popular DMR radio the last few years. This radio is a business series device from Hytera and has an IP54 rating against water and dust intrusion. You can program 48 channels and 3 zones into the BD502i (digital or analog). A 1500mAh Li-Ion battery is also included with the BD502i for up to 16 hours of operation in digital mode. 

Both non-display radios (BD502i and PD402i) have 4 watts of power output (5 watts in VHF) and include accessory kits: antenna, battery, belt clip, charger and nylon hand-strap.


A whip antenna is included with the BD502i (UHF: AN0435W09 or VHF: AN0160H13), while the PD402i includes a stub antenna (UHF: AN0435H13 or VHF: AN0141H07)


The BD502i's battery is the BL1506, while the BL1504 is used with the PD402i. Both batteries are 1500mAh Li-Ion cells that deliver up to 16 hours of operation in digital mode. The BL1504 has (4) charging contacts on its back, while the BL1506 only has (2). 

Belt Clip

Both units comes with Hytera's BC08 durable and spring-load belt clip. The BC08 is secured to the back of each radio with stainless steel screws.


The BD502i uses Hyetra's CH10L23 with PS1014 power supply for charging its battery (BL1506). The PD402i uses the CH10A07 with PS1014 power supply for charging its battery (BL1504). The difference between these chargers is the amount of charging contacts each one has. The CH10A07 has (4) charging contacts, while the CH10L23 only has (2) charging contacts. 

Nylon Hand-Strap

Both units include Hytera's RO03 nylon hand-strap. 

We have come up with some key differences between these two models.

-IP55 (PD402i) vs IP54 (BD502i)

-256 Channel capacity (PD402i) vs 48 channel capacity (BD502i)

-The housing on the PD402i is noticeably more robust than the housing of the BD502i.  

-Higher quality audio output from the PD402i compared to the BD502i is clearly evident when testing the radios in digital or analog mode. 

-PRICING MSRP PD402i $265.50 vs BD502i $229

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