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  • Hytera SM27W1 Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone - Atlantic Radio Communications Corp.

    Hytera Hytera SM27W1 Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone

    Hytera SM27W1 The Hytera SM27W1 is a wireless remote speaker microphone for CK03-E and CK02-E does not display any information when used with car kit or portable radio.    *1-year manufacturer's warranty.


  • Hytera SM16A3 Remote Microphone - Atlantic Radio Communications Corp.

    Hytera Hytera SM16A3 Remote Microphone

    Hytera SM16A3 The Hytera SM16A3 is a remote microphone without speaker used with SM09S1.  This microphone works with the following car kits: CK03, CK03-E, CK02, CK02-E, CK05.    *1-year manufacturer's warranty.


Hytera microphones are a great addition to your radio systems because they make communication clear and easy. Typically used by industries like trucking, where users need a convenient and effective means of communication while driving, these microphones can also be used for hands-free communication. Shoulder microphones are popular in industries like security for quick communication that allows your walkie-talkie to stay clipped to your belt.

Compact and featuring sturdy, flexible wires, Hytera microphones are just as innovative and rugged as their radios. Featuring a wide variety of models to fit your needs, Atlantic Radio brings you an extensive catalog for you to browse. Get in touch with us if you ever need more information or assistance finding the right microphone for you.

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