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Hytera HYT-5105030000032A

Hytera HYT-5105030000032A

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Hytera HYT-5105030000032A

The Hytera HYT-5105030000032A is a replacement cable for Hytera speaker mics.


The HYT-5105030000032A is compatible with these Hytera speaker mics:

  • SM26N1
  • SM26N1-P
  • SM26N2
  • SM26N2-P


These speaker mics works with these Hytera portable radios:

  • PD602i
  • PD662i
  • PD682i
  • HP602
  • HP682
  • HP702
  • HP782
  • X1ei
  • X1pi


*The HYT-5105030000032A includes a 1 year warranty.