Hytera TC-508

Hytera TC-508

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The TC-508 is an analog portable radio with a palm size and lightweight design. It weighs 9.87 oz. and it’s comfortable dimensions is 4.44 x 2.13 x 1.34 inches. The TC-508 has 16 channels. It works in the UHF 400-470MHz (4 watts) or VHF 146-174 (5 watts) frequency range. The battery used with the TC508 is a Lithium Ion 1650mAh. The impressive battery life is approximately 10 hours. The TC-508 uses a drop in rapid-rate charger. It has an IP54 rating for dust and moisture. Manufacturer’s Warranty on the TC508 includes 2 years on parts and labor and 1 year on battery.

We recommend the TC-508 for any application, but it is not preferred for harsh environments.

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