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MNC580 Push-to-Talk Over Cellular Device
MNC580 Push-to-Talk Over Cellular Device

MNC580 Push-to-Talk Over Cellular Device

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Hytera MNC580

MNC580 Brochure

The Hytera MNC580 is a mobile two-way radio that works off of LTE wireless data or WiFi. This push to talk over cellular mobile two-way radio has a 3.5” LCD touchscreen, Bluetooth and GPS. The MNC580 works with services such as Hytera Halo, Zello and Real PTT. 

Atlantic Radio is offering 1 year of free Hytera Halo and ATT mobile data (500mb per month) service with the purchase of a MNC580. While supplies last for US CUSTOMERS ONLY! This annual service can be renewed after the 1st year of free service for $192 per radio (Halo Annual License - $72 & ATT Mobile Data - $120).

MNC580 Radio Kit Includes:

  • MNC580 | PoC Mobile Radio
  • SM-20 | Handheld Mic with Keypad
  • AN-201 | 4G Antenna
  • ZJ-10 | Mounting Bracket and Screws
  • GP320 | GPS Antenna
  • PC-60 | Power Cord
  • Annual Hytera Halo License
  • Annual ATT Mobile Data (500mb per month)
  • 2 Year Warranty

Atlantic Radio is a Hytera Diamond Dealer.

The Hytera MNC580 Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) mobile radios are professional-grade communications devices that provide safe in-vehicle communications. Deploy a reliable and easy-to-use fleet communications solution that requires zero investment in network infrastructure or spectrum licensing. Simply install a SIM card for instant nationwide group and individual calling. The MNC580 features built-in GPS for vehicle location tracking with the Hytera HALO web-based dispatching application. The MNC580 provides clear push-to-talk communication, simple talk group management, and location tracking for efficient eld service dispatching.

The MNC580 and other Hytera PoC devices are part of the Hytera HALO Nationwide PoC solution that uses cellular 3G/4G/LTE infrastructure, the Hytera HALO Connect unified PoC and LMR platform, and third-party Push-to-Talk over Cellular plans. The MNC580 is supported on Hytera HALO Dispatch, a powerful web-based GPS dispatch, and fleet communications application.


Nationwide Coverage
  • National wide-area communication with cellular 3G/4G/LTE connectivity
  • Cellular SIM card enables carrier access

Instant Group and Individual Calling
  • Push-to-Talk button initiates instant voice calls to groups or individuals
  • Supports instant group calling from the HALO Dispatch web-based communications and location tracking application

High-Quality Audio
  • Digital noise suppression and high-volume speaker for excellent voice quality in loud vehicles

GPS Positioning
  • GPS enables real-time location tracking and geo-fencing with the Hytera HALO Dispatch application

Designed For Safety
  • Eyes stay on the road with raised tactile buttons and a lightweight handheld microphone for safe and simple push-to-call operation
  • Emergency call buttons (on radio body and handheld mic) enable one-touch emergency calls to the dispatcher and other PoC devices

Large Display
  • Clear and bright 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen display for accessing and navigating the Android operating system
  • Not for use while driving

Android Operating System
  • The MNC580 is powered by the Android mobile platform
  • Supports Android apps including Google Maps

Built-In Wi-Fi
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for flexible network access and using the MCN580 as a dispatch console