Secure Your Communications with Hytera Digital Encryption

Encryption is the cornerstone of secure communication in today's digital world. It scrambles sensitive data using complex algorithms, making it unreadable to anyone without the proper decryption key. This ensures your conversations remain confidential and only accessible to authorized personnel.

There's basic encryption included in most Hytera radios that provides a layer of security for your voice and data transmissions, that uses keys with up to 64 characters to scramble data. It's a good option for low-sensitivity communication or when dealing with non-confidential information.

Choosing the Right Encryption Level

The best encryption level for your needs depends on the sensitivity of the information you're transmitting and any industry regulations that might apply. Here's a quick guide:

  • Basic Encryption: Suitable for low-risk communication or general use where confidentiality isn't paramount.
  • Advanced Encryption: Ideal for protecting sensitive data, critical infrastructure communication, or when compliance with regulations mandates stronger encryption.

Advanced digital encryption has two variants: Full Hytera and DMRA (AES256 encryption).

AES is a symmetrical key cipher. This means the same secret key is used for both encryption and decryption, and both the sender and receiver of the data need a copy of the key. By contrast, asymmetric vital systems use a different key for each process. Asymmetric keys are best for external file transfers, whereas symmetric keys are better suited to internal encryption. The advantage of symmetric systems like AES is their speed. Because a symmetric key algorithm requires less computational power than an asymmetric one, it's faster and more efficient.

  • The Hytera SW00017 is an advanced digital encryption (128/256bit) license for subscriber for portable radios.  This software license works with the following Hytera portable and mobile radios: PD602i, PD662i, PD682i, PDC760, PD702i, PD752i, PD782i, PD982i, X1, HP602, HP682, HP702, HP782, HM782, MD782i.

  • Hytera SW00018 is an advanced digital encryption (128/256bit) license for repeaters.  This software license works with the following Hytera repeaters: HR1062, RD982i, RD982i-S.

  • The Hytera SW00064 is a basic encryption for Hytera portable radios.  This software license works with the following Hytera portable radios:  PD362i, PD402i, PD482i. 

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