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Hytera MD622i Mobile Two-Way Radio VHF (136-174MHz) - Atlantic Radio Communications Corp.

Hytera MD622i Mobile Two-Way Radio VHF (136-174MHz)

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Hytera MD622i-BT-V1

MD622i Data Sheet

The Hytera MD622i is mobile two-way radio in VHF (136-174MHz). The MD622i features 256 channels (16 zones), 50W power, analog, digital (DMR), basic encryption and Bluetooth.

Atlantic Radio suggests this small form factor mobile two-way radio for any application that requires a 50 watts and VHF. Transportation, farming, security and maintenance are the most common industries that use the MD622i. 

The MD622i built-in Bluetooth pairs great with these Hytera Bluetooth accessories:

Hytera Bluetooth Devices

*3 year warranty on this radio (1 year on the accessories).