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RD982i Repeater
RD982i Repeater
RD982i Repeater
RD982i Repeater

Hytera RD982i DMR Repeater

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RD982i Repeater


The RD982i Repeater is an open-standard DMR repeater capable of being connected via the internet to multiple sites as well as integrated with Hytera SmartDispatch or other 3rd party GPS dispatching software. The RD982i Repeater is capable of being upgraded to trunking at a future date as capacity requirements increase. The analog version of the RD982i provides organizations with an easy migration path to digital technology.

Product Features: 

  • Dual Mode: Analog & Digital Dual Mode Analog and Digital channel auto switching, allowing efficient frequency sharing between Analog and Digital users and ensuring a smooth transition to Digital technology. 
  • 50W High Power Maximum repeating power of 50W, thus increasing the system coverage with lesser setup types of equipment. 
  • 16 Channels A maximum of 16 channels, allowing efficient radio network control at different scenarios. The channel change can be performed either via RDAC PC tools, via the repeater’s front panel channel knob, or via the channel steering from the repeater’s rear port. 
  • Heat Dissipation The unique cooling design combining a built-in heat pipe and a temperature-controlled fan ensures quick heat dissipation, enabling the repeater to operate efficiently even with full power. 
  • Management Software With the management software, you can remotely monitor and diagnose a repeater. In addition, you can either record or play back the audio freely in digital mode. 
  • Expansion Ports This allows third parties to develop accessory and applications via front and rear port of the repeater. This is achieved via the signal streaming and pin control through the repeater ports. 
  • Dual Slot Digital Audio Streaming Streaming of both the voice slots via the rear port accessory pins, allowing the third party for capability expansion. 
  • Continuous Wave Identification (CWID) Analog transmission of the repeater identification in Morse code format. 
  • Analog Scan Analog voice and signaling scan, allowing coverage of different analog voice users from various groups. 
  • Over-the-air Signaling Encryption For secure communications, RD982i supports over-the-air encryption to protect the signaling frames of both voice and data services.


The RD982i comes with a PWC11 power cable. The repeater has a 3 year warranty (1 year on the power cable).

Atlantic Radio is a Hytera Diamond Dealer.