• RD982i

    • Dual Mode: Analog & Digital
    • 50W High Power
    • 16 Channels
    • Heat Dissipation
    • Dual Slot Digital Audio Streaming
    • Analog Scan
    • Over-the-air Signaling Encryption
    • Multiple Sites Via IP
    • Interoperability
    • Analog/Digital Telephone Interconnect

  • RD982i-S 

    • Repeater Diagnostic & Control
    • Analog Digital Auto Switch
    • Analog/Digital Back-to-Back Interconnect
    • Dual Slot Digital Audio Streaming
    • IP Multi-site Connection
    • Analog/Digital Telephone Interconnect
    • Analog Scan

  • HR1062

    • Compact 1U Form Factor
    • AC/DC Auto Switch
    • Analog & Digital Auto Switch
    • Reliable Operation
    • Flexible Radio Network Connectivity
    • Wide Coverage
    • DMR 2 TDMA 2 Time Slots
    • Higher Security 
    • Analog Scan 

Hytera IP Multi-Site Connect: Expand Your Radio Network Coverage

Imagine having a walkie-talkie network that stretches across a wide area, even connecting sites with different frequencies. That's the power of Hytera's IP Multi-Site Connect! It lets you connect multiple radio repeaters over a standard internet connection (IP network) to overcome limitations of traditional radio systems.

Benefits of IP Multi-Site Connect:

  • Wider Coverage: Extend your radio communication range beyond the limitations of a single repeater. Connect repeaters in different locations to create a larger, more effective network.
  • Seamless Communication: Talk to anyone connected to the network, regardless of their location within the coverage area. No need to switch channels or worry about distance limitations.
  • Unified Network: Connect repeaters with different frequency bands into a single system. This is ideal for organizations with diverse radio needs.
  • Broadcast Messages: Send messages to all connected radios simultaneously, perfect for emergencies or group announcements.
  • IP Applications: Integrate your radio network with IP-based applications for enhanced functionality, like dispatch software or remote monitoring.

Network Structure:

There are three key players in an IP Multi-Site Connect network:

  • Master Repeater: The brain of the network, managing communication between all connected repeaters. Only one Master is allowed per network.
  • Slave Repeater: Connects and registers with the Master to join the network. Multiple Slave repeaters can be added for wider coverage.
  • Sub Master (Optional): Acts as a bridge between multiple smaller IP Multi-Site Connect networks, creating a large-scale system for even greater coverage. It can connect both small and large networks.

Network Size:
Currently, a single IP Multi-Site Connect network can support up to 30 repeaters for digital systems and 15 for analog.However, limitations exist as the Master can only communicate with its direct Slaves.

The Sub Master Solution:
The Sub Master bridges the gap! It connects smaller IP Multi-Site Connect networks into a larger one, significantly expanding communication coverage. This allows you to create a vast radio network across geographically dispersed locations.

Hytera SW00008 License:
This software license unlocks the power of IP Multi-Site Connect for compatible Hytera repeaters. It enables them to connect to the internet and communicate with other IP-enabled repeaters within your network.

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