Extended Network Management System 

Improve Your Management Efficiency:
• Flexible Deployment
• User Friendly
• High Efficient
• Real-time Monitor System Activities
• Remotely Configure Basic Parameters
• Timing Export The Statistic Report
• Display RSSI Information On The Map 

XNMS R4.0 New Features:
• Professional Network
• Management Platform
• Hierarchical Authority Management
• Topology Optimization & Repeater Location
• Topology Console
• Database Service Optimization
• Repeater Access Code  

Hierarchical Authority Management contains flexible allocation of user authority with improved management efficiency & security.

Topology Optimization views quantity of registered repeaters in the system, including all repeaters, alarm repeaters, offline repeaters and normal repeaters. It views the distribution and operation status of all repeaters in the system. And it optimizes basic information, monitors searches and configures parameters of the selected repeater.

Database Service Optimization centralizes storage and dramatically reduces date response/export time. The XNMSR4.0 takes about 20 minutes to export 300,000 pieces of data.

Repeater Access Code is to restrict illegal user access to your system. The access code has a maximum length of 32 bits, includes 0-9, a-z, A-Z, ~!@$%^*.  

XNMS Overview 

The new version XNMS will not only support XPT system, but also Hytera DMR Tier II Conventional system. You can install them both in the same computer, and decide to use which one for your radio system.

• Before starting the configuration, we need to have an overview about the new software architecture, which is a distributed structure and is able to support monitoring a large quantity of repeaters.

• No matter what kind of system is (XPT trunking or DMR Tier II system), the XNMS only cares how many repeaters are accessed to it. If the server hardware for XNMS is very powerful, it’s possible to install all the components in one computer. If not, we can still use several PCs to install each component below to get data communicating and processing working fine.

• Communication Service provides the link between repeaters and Communication Proxy Service(Proxy). We can set up several communication service in different computer. Data Service provides the link between database(MySQL) and Data Service Center. We can set up several data service in different computer with a database. The Data service will receive the real-time data from repeaters, and the actual rout is : RPT--Communication Service--Proxy--Data Service Center--Data Service & database.

• Data Service Center manages all the data service and guide clients to the correct database to acquire the data they need, and also guides the forwarding data from repeater to the correct database. It’s a central node among data services, clients and Proxy. This node will not store any real-time data from repeater, but it will collect the main parts of information from Data Service, and create the statistic report and store it in its database.

• Communication Proxy Service manages all the communication services and allows clients to get to the right repeater, to get the real-time status or send commands to change the parameters of repeater. It’s a central node among data service center, clients and communication services. 

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