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Hytera AN0155H08 VHF Long Whip Antenna, SMA, 20cm, 136-174MHz, GPS 1575MHz - Atlantic Radio Communications Corp.

Hytera AN0155H08 VHF (136-174MHz, GPS 1575MHz) Long Whip Antenna, SMA, 20cm

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Hytera AN0155H08

The AN0155H09 (AKA: AN0155H02 and AN0155H08) is a VHF (136 - 174 MHz) that has a SMA connector and is 20 CM long.  This antenna works with the following Hytera portables: BD502i, BD552i, BD552i, PD402i, PD482i, PD502i, PD562i, PD702i, PD752i, PD782i, PD982i, HP602, HP682.


*1-year manufacturer's warranty.