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Icom FASC55V 146-174MHz Standard Antenna J Type Connector - Atlantic Radio Communications Corp.

Icom FASC55V VHF (146-174MHz) 6" Whip Antenna

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Icom FASC55V

The Icom FASC55V is a 6", whip, VHF (146-174MHz) omni-directional antenna with J-type connector. To be used with any of these Icom radios:

F1000, F1000D, F1100D, F3001, F3003, F3011, F3161, F3161S, F3161T, F3201, F3210D, F3230DS, F3261D, F3261DT, F3360D, F3360D, F52D, F70, F10, F11, F11S, F14, F14S, F15, F3S, F3GS, F3GT, F33GS, F33GT, F34GS, F34GT, F30GS, F30GT, F3002, F3003, F3021S, F3021T, F3022S, F3023, F3032S, F3061S, F3061T, F3101D, F3102D, F3162DS, F3201DEX, F3230DS, F3261DT, F3262DT, F3360D, IP730D, M32,
F70, V88

*1-year manufacturer's warranty.