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Motorola PMMN4071A Impres Remote Speaker Microphone

Motorola PMMN4071A Impres Remote Speaker Microphone

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Motorola PMMN4071A

The Motorola PMMN4071A is a remote speaker microphone with IMPRES technology for portable two-way radios. The PMMN4071A provides high-quality audio by intuitively cancelling background noise, improving voice-audio and increasing volume levels. This microphone meets all intrinsic safety requirements with its TIA4950 certification. An IP54 rating and 3.5mm audio jack are other included features with the PMMN4071A.

The PMMN4071A is compatible with these portable two-way radios:

  • XPR3300e
  • XPR3500e
  • DEP550e
  • DEP570e
  • DP2400
  • DP2600
  • DP3441e
  • DP3661e


*1 year warranty on this microphone.