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PD982i Portable Digital Radio
PD982i Portable Digital Radio

Hytera PD982i Two Way Radio - Portable Repeater

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PD982i Portable Digital Radio with Single Frequency Repeater

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Enriching your digital experience with complete DMR Portfolio Hytera PD982i can be utilized in all working environments, playing an integral role in your communications network. PD982i uses micro DS storage technology to allow recording and storage of critical voice calls or data transmissions. Using the interference cancellation technique, PD982i can use one slot to receive a signal and another slot to transmit it on the same frequency at the same time, extending communications distance in DMO mode. PD982i has built-in Bluetooth 4.0, which not only supports audio transmission, but also allows data transmission, such as programming via Bluetooth etc. PD982i can make full duplex calls with other PD982i, telephones or cellphones. RTC clock feature allows customers to check the accurate time of received messages and calls. Compared with PD782i, PD982i support smart battery, which makes it easier to monitor the battery status, such as battery life time and remaining charge time by smart battery charge. This also reduces the charging time dramatically.


Over-the-air Alias 
  • PD982i can support sending radio alias over the air when PTT. The radio that receives the call can decide to create a new contact or overwrite the old one automatically. It gives a great convenience to the customer to manage the fleet with the correct contact stored in each radio without touching each unit for programming. 

  • OTAP for Conventional Repeater System: Over-the-Air Programming modifies the parameters of remote terminals through the air interface signaling, including digital conventional channel parameters and part parameters of the terminal. It saves time and manpower to operate and maintain a radio system. 

Enhanced Quick GPS 
  • Enhanced Quick GPS: Compressed GPS data can be packaged in a single frame to greatly increase the capacity up to 450 units/ min, which is tripled in DMR Tier II system. This enhancement improves channel efficiency for data and reduces hardware costs. 

Trunked & Conventional Switch 
  • Trunking & Conventional Switch: By pressing a single button or twisting the channel knob, it enables radios to be switched between trunking and conventional mode without restarting. During this process, registration & deregistration in the trunking system is done automatically, and over-the-air authentication is still available. Voice with GPS PD982i is able to transmit GPS data in the same channel during transmitting voice. This gives the customer an option to upload location information once pushed to talk. It helps to target where the speaker is immediate. 

Optimized Push-to-talk 
  • It allows a radio to set up an audio buffer and store what the user speaks before the call is established. Then it sends the stored audio together with the coming real-time audio after the call is established. Therefore, users can talk right after pressing PTT without waiting for the “go-ahead tone’’. This feature also enhances the handover function without dropping communications in the Tier III system during sites switch. 

Out-of-range Notification in RMO 
  • Out-of-range Notification in RMO: A radio is always notified when it has left the repeater coverage. The users can realize if they are in the talk range all the time by paying attention to the alert tone. 

Offline GPS Data 
  • Offline GPS Data Storage: The radio model with micro SD card inside can store offline GPS data now when you are not in the system coverage. Getting back to the office, it’s quite easy to export the offline data to the dispatch system to record the history track of a radio.

Full Duplex Call 
  • Full Duplex Call in RMO: Simultaneous voice transmission and reception in full-duplex call now are available in Repeater Mode Operation (RMO) and Direct Mode Operation (DMO). It greatly enlarges full-duplex coverage beyond Trunking Mode Operation (TMO); long calls are made hands-free and much more efficiently between radios, and even between radios and phones.

Radio Features
• Size: 5.16” x 2.14” x 1.66”. Weight: 12.9 oz with 2400mAh battery
• 1.8” Color TFT Screen, 160x128 pixels, 4 rows
• Up to 1024 channels
• 12.5/20/25 selectable channel spacing
• Analog and Digital dual mode
• 360° channel knob
• Built in Bluetooth (specify model)
• Integrated GPS (specify model)
• IP68 and MIL-STD-810 G Compliant
• Powerful audio output with 3W speaker
• Full duplex call
• Audio recording capability via Micro SD storage card (license required)
• Pre-programmed text messaging
• Basic 40bit digital encryption and analog Scrambler
• Advanced 256bit digital encryption (license required)
• Vibration
• Channel Change Voice Notification
• Telemetry
• Man Down, Lone Worker, and Priority Interrupt
• Dedicated Emergency button
• Single frequency repeater mode (license included)
• Roaming
• Pseudo trunk operation (DMO& RMO)
• Supports XPT digital trunking
• Supports DMR Tier III Trunking (license required)
• 3 Year Standard Warranty (Radios only, not Accessories)