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XPR3500e Motorola Portable Two-Way Radio - IP67 - Bluetooth

XPR3500e Motorola Portable Two-Way Radio - IP67 - Bluetooth

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Motorola XPR3500e

XPR3300e Non-Display Version

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The Motorola XPR3500e is a handheld portable two-way radio that comes in UHF (403-512MHz) or VHF (136-174MHz). 

Here are the main features of the XPR3500e:

  • Display and limited keypad
  • UHF (403-512MHz) or VHF (136-174MHz) versions
  • 4 watts UHF/5 watts VHF
  • 128 channels 
  • IP67 rated against dust, shock and liquid damage
  • IMPRES Lithium ion battery 
  • Dual Capacity Direct Mode
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth


This radio kit includes the following items:

  • XPR3500e - Radio - UHF (AAH02RDH9VA1AN) or VHF (AAH02JDH9VA1AN)
  • Li-ion Battery (3000mAh) - PMNN4493 (IMPRES & IP68) *UPGRADE INCLUDED
  • IMPRES™ Single-Unit Charger CEC Compliant - PMPN4174A *Includes power supply
  • 2" Belt Clip - PMLN4651
  • Accessory Dust Cover - 0104058J40
  • Warranty - 5 years on radio (1 year on accessories)


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