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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Two-Way Radio for You

Two-way radios are essential for various industries and consumer needs. With so many different makes and models, it can be difficult to decide which radio is best suited for your needs. Here are five tips for choosing the right two-way radio to help you differentiate radios and determine which you like best.


Your first consideration should be the range you need from your radios. Are you using two-way radios for communication between workers at the same worksite or truckers traveling across the country? In general, radios like Hytera mobile radios have a greater range than their handheld counterparts, so that should be immensely helpful over large distances or small areas.

Consider the fact that handheld radios advertising a range of four km may only work within one km when you account for all the obstacles. In that case, you may need a more powerful radio.


Mobile radios are larger than handheld models. This makes handheld radios ideal if you must keep a radio on your person at all times. Portable radios fit most comfortably on the dashboard of your vehicle and are otherwise cumbersome to carry and use on foot.


Consider how and where you will use your two-way radios. In the oil and gas industries, you’ll need radios that can endure intense conditions. If you’re anticipating that the radios will be knocked around quite a bit, you’ll want to look for sturdy models or invest in protective cases.


Cheap radios will never be adequate for professional jobs. Pay attention to how brands construct their radios and what users are saying about their products. You’ll want reliable two-way radios. This is especially true if quick communication can prevent hazards and injuries.


An important tip for choosing the right two-way radios is to determine if you need licensing from OFCOM before using the radios. This typically applies to business-band radios, and the license protects confidential information from interference by other users. If these features are not necessary, you can choose unlicensed radios.

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