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All About 2-Way Radios

  • A Quick Guide to Two-Way Radio Encryption

    Do you need to communicate sensitive information? Use this quick guide to two-way radio encryption, and instantly increase your company’s security.
  • How To Choose the Right Power Supply for Your Two-Way Radio

    Is the radio repeater failing to communicate clearly or far enough? Use this guide about how to choose the right power supply for your two-way radio.
  • 4 Benefits of Headsets for Two-Way Radios

    Stop the poor communication, and enjoy the perks of clear transmission every day. Learn the four benefits of using headsets for two-way radios.
  • Different Types of Antennas for Two-Way Radios

    Antennas are essential components for clear communication. Learn about the different types of two-way radio antennas and which will benefit your business.
  • Common Troubleshooting Tips for Radio Repeaters

    Radio repeaters allow you to contact others from far distances. If you’re getting white noise or can’t receive messages, follow these troubleshooting tips.
  • How To Care for and Maintain Portable Radios

    Proper two-way radio maintenance and care minimizes damage and boosts operations. Learn more about proper portable radio care and how it benefits your business!
  • Factors To Consider When Purchasing Portable Radios

    Explore the importance of durability and battery life when choosing a portable radio for reliable, uninterrupted communication in any situation.
  • Different Types of Handheld Radios Explained

    Explore the world of handheld radios. From the powerful ham and GMRS radios to the user-friendly FRS and CB radios, find your perfect communication tool.
  • Choosing the Proper Battery for Your Handheld Radio

    Choosing the right battery for your handheld radio is crucial. Discover how to select the ideal product, including prioritizing certain chemistries.
  • Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using a Radio Microphone

    Did you know that many businesses have specific two-way radio “best practices” to enhance communication security? Learn more about proper radio usage.
  • Everything You Need To Know About GPS in Two-Way Radios

    Learn more about GPS technology in two-way radios, including how GPS enhances two-way communications, effective battery management tips, and more.
  • 3 Tips To Preserve the Battery Life of a Two-Way Radio

    Learn how to extend two-way radio battery life with idle settings, output power adjustments, ideal battery selection, and maintenance practices.