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5 Tips for Storing and Caring for Your Two-Way Radio Battery

5 Tips for Storing and Caring for Your Two-Way Radio Battery

No matter what type of two-way radios your workplace uses, all batteries, such as Motorola radio batteries, benefit from proper care and attention – especially when they’re not in use. Caring for your radio batteries will ensure you get as much mileage out of your investment as possible and keep your radios in their best condition. Here are five tips for storing and caring for your two-way radio batteries.

Brand-New Batteries

When you first get new radio batteries, they will get shipped to you partially charged simply because it’s the healthiest for the batteries. As a result, you don’t want just to put it in your radio and use what charge is present. First, you should charge the battery completely. Optimally, Motorola recommends that you charge a new battery between 14-16 hours before you use it – so letting your batteries charge overnight will get the job done.

The Ideal Environment

When storing batteries – whether for an extended period or when you’re done for the day – radio batteries are best kept in a cool, dry environment – an air-conditioning office, for example, will work just fine. This prevents moisture, heat, or cold from potentially degrading the battery and reducing its effectiveness.

Storage Containers

A common mistake is storing batteries on their charger. After all, leaving a battery on the charger means it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice, right? Well, this can lead to issues with overcharging and also leaves the battery exposed. Instead, a simple plastic, wood, or glass container is a good, safe place to store your batteries.

Proper Charging

As we’ve hinted thus far, knowing how to charge your batteries correctly is essential for storing and caring for your two-way radio batteries. When not in use, batteries should be partially discharged – ideally brought down to about 40 percent - and then recharged when you need them, not left to charge indefinitely in storage. If the batteries overcharge, they’ll overheat and degrade.

Long-Term Storage

When you’re putting batteries away for longer-term storage, such as storing away batteries as backups, make sure you keep them in a safe container and partially discharge them, as previously mentioned. However, should you need to bring them out of storage, always allow them time to charge again. When left to sit, the batteries will lose their charge over time.

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