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Long-Range Two-Way Radio Solutions You May Need To Consider

Long-Range Two-Way Radio Solutions You May Need To Consider

Two-way radios are fantastic tools for facilitating communication no matter where two or more people are. The challenge is when you need a two-way radio that can cover long distances. With all sorts of potential obstacles in between the radios, you’ll need to compensate accordingly. Here are some long-range two-way radio solutions you may need to consider if you’ve been having trouble keeping communication consistent.

Radio Repeaters

If you need your radios to reach distances they can’t normally reach, radio repeaters are a good way to extend their range. Repeaters boost your signal by receiving and re-transmitting it with increased power so that your message goes much farther than the radio itself can produce. You can find first responders using repeaters to increase their coverage, but the one caveat is that repeaters work best when installed in a tall building or tower. This isn’t to say they aren’t useful closer to the ground, but you won’t be getting the maximum benefit. 

Improve Antennae

Another long-range two-way radio solution you may need to consider is that your radios may simply have the wrong antennae. The longer the distance, the longer you want your antennae to be. A two-way radio with a small, short antenna was probably made for small distances, like around facilities or construction sites. Furthermore, you can give your antenna’s effectiveness a boost by reaching an elevated area and reducing obstacles between radios.

Frequency Ranges

Another aspect of your radios to consider is whether they’re ultra-high frequency (UHF) or very-high frequency (VHF) radios. While more prone to being absorbed by solid objects, UHF radios are often preferred for long ranges because their wavelengths are shorter. With shorter wavelengths, the strength of your message is retained for longer distances, whereas with VHF radios, the wavelengths are longer and therefore weaken faster. Make sure you’re aware of what kind of radios you’re purchasing or taking with you before needing to communicate long distances.

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