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How Far Can Two Way Radios Transmit?


Two-way portable radio devices are the symbol of law enforcement community and the professional necessity for many other lines of duties such as the field of construction and funeral escort.

two way radio for law enforcement

However, much has evolved since the days where Motorola XTS cost $1200. The age-old debate of how far the “max range” of a typical two-way radio device can go remains a mystery to every one of us who still actually uses them.


ARCC today is going to clear out the mystery and proudly announce our Hytera TC-600 series which costs only $249.99. Its warranty for its battery is one year and its warranty for parts/labor is two years.

This two-way super device is built to complement those who need it specifically for outdoor jobs in harsh terrains. It allows the equipped user to reach a maximum of 3.7-mile direct communication range under any obstacled environments.

This is the range many two-way radio devices fail to reach even in flat terrains. TC-600 weighs only 9.7 oz and it has 16 channels. There are two versions, the UHF (5 Watt) and the VHF (4 Watt). It carries a lithium battery that lasts 14 hours with a drop in rapid-rate charger. Learn more about UHF vs VHF here.  


On top of its functionalities, the TC-600 series is a series that is “fail-proof” guaranteed. We designed the battery latch to make sure the battery doesn’t drop out when you fall or somehow drop the portable TC-600 anywhere.

As an additional preventional measure, we designed the easy-grip orange pads on the sides for hands of any size to grip on. This is to make sure you don’t lose your grasp of the TC-600 even when you beat a post-conviction sex offender with your hand holding onto the device as a security officer. Another feature we have is the IP66 protection layer.

Hytera TC-600

This is to protect your device from the specs of dust and streaming waters. However, water shots that are coming out of a >12.5mm nozzle are enough to do some level of damage to the device. Therefore, it is best to get a sheath of extra protection for your TC-600 or use it cautiously with care.


TC-600 is power switchable. It can be manually switched to high/low power mode and it has an LED battery gauge. It also has CDCSS Encode & Decode functionalities along with Time-out timer or TOT.

An auto battery-save feature is specifically designed to complement the low battery alert. Its channel scan feature also comes along with its selectable channel spacing feature. Along with the selectable channel spacing, even the squelch is selectable (0-9) since its squelch is data operated.

TC-600 is also ATIS recognized, PC programmable, and has a wired clone. No matter what you want to do with it, you can.

Hytera Mobile and Two Way Radios 

The $249.99 package deal also comes with a Li-ion battery along with an MCU charger. The power supply is guaranteed. An antenna, a strap, and a belt clip go along with your newly purchased TC-600.

If you want this long-range superboy to perform at its finest, you can get an In-line MIC which is optional or the Rapid-rate charger, nylon carrying case, or a programmable cable which are all optional.

After all, our divine communication system is for the sole purpose of what we call here in Hytera “ to Respond and to Achieve”. There are many two-way “5 watts” or “4 watts” that cost thousands of dollars out there on the online market trying to waste your hard-earned-outdoor-cash, but with our TC-600, the least you can get is a grasp of safety and freedom outdoor.

We will be able to satisfy anyone who needs a long-range two-way portable device with even half of our feature provided by TC-600. Buy it, and we will take care of your communication struggles once and for all.


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