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Motorola PMAE4069A Antenna for Portable Two-Way Radio - UHF (400-450MHz) - Atlantic Radio Communications Corp.

Motorola PMAE4069A Antenna for Portable Two-Way Radio - UHF (400-450MHz)

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Motorola PMAE4069A

The Motorola PMAE4069A is a stub antenna (3.5 inches) for Portable Two-Way Radios. The PMAE4069A works in the UHF (400-450MHz) frequency band and is compatible with these Motorola portable two-way radios:

R7, XPR3300, XPR3500, XPR7350, XPR7380, XPR7550, XPR7580, APX900, APX1000, APX3000, APX4000, DEP550E, DEP570E, DGP5050E, DGP5550E, DGP8050E, DGP8550E, DP2400E, DP2600E, DP4801E, XIRP6600I, XIRP6620I, XIRP8600I, XIRP8608I, XIRP8628I, XIRP8660I and XIRP8668I.

PMAE4069A Features:

  • Type: Stubby (3.5 in/9cm)
  • Frequency Band: UHF
  • Frequency Range: 400-450MHz
  • GPS: Yes
  • Color Code: Red
  • Intrinsic Safety Standard: UL/TIA 4950

*1 year warranty on this antenna. 

Atlantic Radio is a Motorola NA Commercial Radio Reseller.