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Hytera PDC760 Multi-Mode Advanced Radios UHF - LTE - WiFi - Atlantic Radio Communications Corp.
Hytera PDC760 Multi-Mode Advanced Radios UHF - LTE - WiFi - Atlantic Radio Communications Corp.

Hytera PDC760 Multi-Mode Advanced Radios UHF - LTE - WiFi

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PDC760 Multi-Mode Advanced Radios

PDC760 Brochure

Hytera's new PDC760 Multi-mode Advanced Radios are a revolutionary device that was designed with the private radio network industry in mind. The first of its kind to offer a truly convergent platform for both critical voice communications and broadband data services. This innovative development marks a significant milestone within the two-way radio communications industry. The PDC760 Multi-Mode Advanced Radio supports multi-mode communications across a wide range of scenarios, whether its daily business operations or emergency response, broadband or narrowband, public or private networks, Hytera's multi-mode advanced radio can meet all your communications needs. 

The PDC760 offers users a unified communications experience with a rich selection of applications and high-level data security; the radio is built to handle any critical communications situation and improve operational efficiency. The ergonomic design combined with a rugged chassis and touchscreen display supports a new sensory experience to meet a diverse set of communications requirements that allows users to improve situational awareness to respond and achieve quickly and effectively.


Broadband and Narrowband Converged
  • Narrowband can switch between digital and analog operation while broadband supports all available mobile networks. The two systems collaborate to guarantee smooth communications.

Multiple Security Assurances
  • The device supports authentication and both software and hardware encryption to prevent voice and data theft. The management system monitors the radio in real-time and the device can be stunned, killed, or data erased if there is any user abnormality.

Open APIs to Enrich Services and Applications
  • Secondary Development Kits (SDKs) are available to third-party developers allowing organizations to customize applications to meet the unique demands of their users. Consequently, all mobile resources can be integrated into this single work platform allowing for customization that turns your PDC760 multi-mode radio into your smart mobile device.

Crystal Clear Critical Voice
  • Advanced audio technology, such as triple mic noise suppression, acoustic echo cancellation, and wind noise suppression, to ensure you can receive and transmit clear voice communications even in noisy environments.

Quick Charging 
  • Equipped with the latest in smart battery technology, the PDC760 delivers quick charging, three times faster than regular batteries. 80% of the battery's capacity can be charged in just 30 minutes while a full.

Customized Network Priority 
  • You can set priorities for varied networks based on your requirements. If there are services from different networks at the same time, the radio first processes the one from the network with higher priority. The service from the network with higher priority can interrupt the one from the network with lower priority. It guarantees that you can pick up every important call.

Radio Features
• Revolutionary Multi-mode Radio
• Hybrid device supports both cellular LTE and DMR calling
• Digital Conventional
• Analog Conventional
• Gorilla Glass Touchscreen
• Top view dual screen
• IP67 and MIL-STD-810G compliant
• HD Camera
• 6-axis E-compass
• Built-in Wi-Fi
• Near Field Communications (NFC)
• Bluetooth
• Advanced 256bit digital encryption (license required)
• Private Call, Group Call , All Call, Broadcast Call
• Call Queuing
• Over the Air Programming (OTAP)
• Text Messaging
• Camera Gallery
• Sound Recorder
• File Manager
• Roaming
• Digital Trunking
• 2 Year Standard Warranty (Radios only, not Accessories)