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Icom F62D Two-Way Radio - UHF - Compact & Durable - Bluetooth - Atlantic Radio Communications Corp.

Icom F62D Two-Way Radio - UHF - Compact & Durable - Bluetooth

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Icom F62D Two-Way Radio

UL Rated (Intrinsically Safe) Versions Available

Icom F62D Data Sheet

Icom F62DUL Data Sheet

F52D VHF Versions

The Icom F62D is a durable (IP67) and compact portable two way radio. The F62D is a dual mode radio that works analog and digital (IDAS/NXDN). The F62D works in the UHF frequency band and has two split versions: F62D 11 (400-470MHz) or F62D 21 (450-512MHz). 

*Intrinsically safe UL versions for UHF include: F62DUL 11 (400-470MHz) or F62DUL 21 (450-512MHz).

Here are the main features of the F62D:

  • UHF (400-470MHz or 450-512MHz)
  • 5 watts of power output
  • 512 channels with 128 zones
  • IP67 rated against dust, shock and liquid damage and 
  • Lithium ion battery 
  • 6 programmable keys
  • Digital (IDAS/NXDN)
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Intrinsically safe version available
  • Vibrate profile
  • Voice recorder

This radio kit includes the following items:

(1) F62D - Radio - F62D 11 (400-470MHz) or F62D 21 (450-512MHz)

*Intrinsically safe version - F62DUL 11 (400-470MHz) or F62DUL 21 (450-512MHz)

(1) BP290 - Battery - 2010mAh li-ion battery

*Upgradable to 3150mAh - BP294  

**Intrinsically safe version battery - BP292UL - 2010mAh li-ion intrinsically safe battery

(1) MBB3 - Standard Belt Clip

(1) Warranty - 3 year on radios (1 year on accessories)

*Atlantic Radio is an Icom dealer and is authorized to sell and support their products.