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4 Entry-Level Two-Way Radios for Businesses

4 Entry-Level Two-Way Radios for Businesses

Two-way radios can improve any business’s means of communication. Between their ease of use and convenience, there’s simply no better method of communicating across the workplace or coordinating with a team. To help you introduce these radios into your workplace, here are four entry-level two-way radios for businesses.

Hytera Handhelds

Hytera digital radios are often recommended as the entry-level radio of choice. They are intuitive and easy to learn, and they have a wider range of functions to take advantage of as you become more adept. Furthermore, the digital capabilities allow the handhelds to connect to data networks for effective and reliable communication—no worries about the range of your radios being compromised like with analog.

Hytera Mobile Radios

For industries that span the country, such as the trucking industry, we highly recommend Hytera mobile radios over the typical walkie-talkie. With even greater functionality, these radios excel at long-range communication while you’re on the road. A Hytera two-way mobile radio is as intuitive as its handheld counterparts and provides multi-functional features like GPS.

Icom Radios

For the most intensive environments and industries, there’s no brand more reliable than Icom. Built to be as durable as possible, Icom radios can take a lot of the wear, tear, and punishment that intensive industries demand. Not only are they durable, but they also supply such clear communication that even other industries, such as education and retail, have made Icom their brand of choice.

Motorola Radios

The last entry-level two-way radio we want to recommend is the Motorola handheld radio. Motorola is an industry staple with nearly a century of innovation in the field. If you want a brand that is recognizable and has proven its reliability, then look no further. Suitable for everyday business needs, public safety, and even consumers, Motorola radios tailor themselves to your needs.

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