How Two-Way Radios Can Improve Safety in the Workplace

, by Ashley Gabriel, 1 min reading time

For any employer, the health and safety of the workers should always be a top priority. This is especially true in industries like construction, where workers may operate in high-risk or demanding operational environments. A key method for keeping everyone safe is to establish effective and easy methods of communication so that everyone is aware of situations at all times. Here’s how two-way radios can improve safety in the workplace.

Constant Communication

As one might expect, professional two-way radios keep an entire work crew in constant communication over great distances. This feature is critical for safety because it ensures everyone is aware of each other and accounted for while coordinating easily and completing dangerous tasks. For example, if someone operating heavy machinery has a blind spot, another person on the ground can provide guidance and warning via radio.

If something does go wrong, two-way radios allow for an immediate call for help or a report of the situation. This ensures an injured worker can receive the help they need before their injury worsens.

Emergency Alarms

Some two-way radios can improve safety in the workplace with distinct, easily accessible emergency alarm buttons. They send a siren through everyone else’s radios to make them aware of an emergency. This feature is especially effective if someone is in no condition to speak and relay their emergency. These radios will typically have some kind of physical alarm, such as flashing lights, to ensure they’re noticeable even in loud environments.

Greater Awareness

Safety training ensures everyone is on the same page regarding procedures and protocol. Two-way radios help supervisors update their workers en masse with new information pertinent to their safety and make sure everyone is aware of changes or dangers on the worksite. Likewise, workers who aren’t sure of a procedure or protocol can radio in for assistance rather than taking a risk by guessing. Communication is key, and nothing achieves that better than handheld two-way radios.

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