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Things To Know Before Buying a High-Power Handheld Radio

Things To Know Before Buying a High-Power Handheld Radio

The ability for employees and workers to communicate and coordinate is essential in nearly every industry. For that reason, you need reliable radios that will ensure constant communication on demand. Before you go out and buy radios for your workplace, you should consider the different aspects of what makes radios important so that you can buy the model that’s most appropriate for you. Here are some things to know before buying a high-power handheld radio.

Maximum Range

The first thing you should consider is the maximum range of the handheld radio. If you need radios for communicating around a construction site, you may not need devices with a very large range because all your employees will be on the same site. However, if you’re in the trucking industry, you may need radios capable of communicating across the country.

The Number of Handsets

The next thing to know before buying a high-power handheld radio is the number of devices you’ll need. Purchasing enough radios for everyone onsite can quickly add up, and you’ll want to keep in mind how many you need to buy as you’re considering price. Luckily, you can often find great deals by buying handheld radios in bulk.

Battery Type

Depending on your circumstances, you should check to see if the radios you intend to buy use alkaline batteries or rechargeable ones. Rechargeable batteries are great for day-to-day use in warehouses where a power supply is always readily available. However, if a power source is not always immediately available, you may benefit from a radio where dead batteries can be switched out for fresh ones.

Work Environment

Lastly, keep your work environment in mind as you browse radio models. If you work in rougher environments, such as construction sites or oil rigs, you’ll probably want a heavier-duty radio. Models like ICOM digital radios are built to be sturdy and incredibly durable, capable of withstanding more wear and tear than other models. The last thing you want is for your radio to break down when in a precarious environment, so make sure you have an appropriately tough radio.

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