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F5330D or F6330D - Icom Digital Mobile Two-Way Radio

F5330D or F6330D - Icom Digital Mobile Two-Way Radio

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Icom F5330D or F6330D

F5330D and F6330D Data Sheet



The Icom F5330D and F6330D are the latest digital mobile two-way radios to be released by Icom. These mobile radio are small form factor and have an ethernet port for networking possibilities.


  • F5330D - VHF (136-174MHz) - 50 Watts
  • F6330D - UHF (400-520MHz) - 45 Watts
  • Analog or Digital (NXDN)
  • 128 Channels (8 zones)
  • Commandmic™ is powered from the main unit through an
    Ethernet cable*
    * Extendable up to 100m, 328 ft. (Cat 5e LAN cable user supplied)

  • • MIL-STD-810 G shock, vibration, temperature and more
  • IPX4 water splash resistance for the Commandmic™
  • • DTMF autodial memories capability


  • Radio
  •  Commandmic™ with 6.2 m, 20.3 ft ethernet cable
  • DC power cable
  • Mounting bracket kit
  • Microphone hanger
  • Programming Software


Icom offers a 2-year warranty on the radio and 1-year on the accessories.

Atlantic Radio is an Icom Dealer.