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Factors To Consider When Purchasing Portable Radios

, by Joseph Gabriel, 2 min reading time

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Portable Radios

The best to improve your business's communications is by investing in quality technology that supports your team—professional two-way radios! Read on and learn the four most important factors to consider when purchasing portable radios for your business.

Communication Range and Additional Abilities

When choosing a portable radio, you must consider the communication range. This range is usually measured in miles. It determines the distance over which you can reliably communicate with your team. Factors such as terrain, buildings, and weather affect this range, so be mindful of your site and the local climate when selecting radios.

Some radios have Bluetooth connectivity, GPS tracking, and emergency alert systems. These features significantly improve the efficiency of your operations, especially in scenarios that require fast and accurate communication.

Portability and Handling

When investing in a portable radio, consider its portability and handling. The design should be compact, lightweight, and ergonomic for lengthy use. Look for features like belt clips or lanyards that make carrying the radio more convenient. Additionally, radios with intuitive controls and clear displays make operation easier, even in low-light conditions. A radio that's difficult to carry or operate always hinders communication, so find a model that your team members can easily use.


Durability is paramount for portable radios. Given the diverse and sometimes harsh environments these devices are used in, they must be able to withstand impacts, water, dust, and extreme temperatures. Many radios have durability ratings, or IP ratings, that provide a clear indication of their ability to endure tough environments. A durable radio guarantees consistent and reliable communication on the job site.

Battery Life

Battery life is a crucial aspect to consider when selecting a portable radio. The longevity of your device's operation hinges on its battery life, especially when using it in remote locations where charging options may be scarce. Portable radios with extended battery life ensure uninterrupted communication, making them invaluable for outdoor adventures, emergency situations, or power outages. Always prioritize two-way radios with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for superior battery life. Consider devices with power-saving features or indicators that alert you when the battery is low.

By considering these factors, you can purchase a portable radio that won't let you down, no matter the circumstances. Check out our quality selection of Icom handheld radio products and related devices at Atlantic Radio!

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