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The Differences Between Bluetooth and Wired Earpieces

The Differences Between Bluetooth and Wired Earpieces

Two-way radio earpieces are a discreet and easy way for team members to stay in contact with one another. If you’re looking to invest in earpieces, you’ve probably encountered two types: Bluetooth and wired earpieces. Top brands like Hytera radio earpieces offer both kinds, so it may be difficult to parse which you would prefer. To help you decide, let’s look at the differences between Bluetooth and wired earpieces.


If being discreet as possible is your top priority, then Bluetooth earpieces offer a handy advantage by being wireless. Of course, wired earpieces can be hidden underneath clothes, but they can often restrict movement or be caught on something regardless. Bluetooth earpieces offer users a greater range of movement without worry that a wire will become tangled or damaged while in use.


In the past, wired earpieces have always provided clearer, consistent connectivity and audio quality. While this may remain the case with cheaper models, Bluetooth technology has greatly improved, providing connectivity and audio quality that is on par with, if not superior to, wired earpieces. Furthermore, Bluetooth radios have a greater range than wired radios, so you’ll be able to communicate with employees and co-workers at greater distances than would be possible with wired earpieces.

Charging Needs

The last big difference between Bluetooth and wired earpieces is their longevity in terms of batteries. Obviously, wire earpieces don’t need to be charged, meaning they can remain in operation for as long as the radio’s battery lasts. On the other hand, Bluetooth earpieces don’t have a shorter battery life, but they do need to be charged just like the radio itself. This creates just one more minute detail that you need to take care of to prevent your Bluetooth earpiece from dying and becoming useless. Taking this into account, it might be a good idea to have extra earpieces to be used as a backup if you choose Bluetooth.

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