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VHF 154-174 MHz, 1/5 Watt Radio Controlled Remote Switch.
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Size (Weight)3 in x 5 in x 7 in  (26.5 oz) 
BandVHF (154-174 MHz) 
Channels 8 Independent 
Power 8 - 15VDC Operation / RPS-TS - 110VAC Power Supply 
Max. RF Output5 Watts
Warranty1 year on the TeleSwitch - After date of purchase
90 days on Accessories - After date of purchase

The Ritron TS-142-ON will work with virtually any analog VHF business band two-way radio systems. 

The Ritron TS-142-ON comes with a one year parts and labor manufacturer's warranty. In the event an issue arises with your Ritron product please contact us to file a manufacturer's warranty claim. Please click on the button below to see the manufacturer's warranty statement.


• 5/2 Watt Transceiver, PC Programmable
• VHF and UHF Frequency Band Models 
• Wide or Narrow Band Models
• Includes AC to DC Transformer
• Two 10 Amp Relay Outputs.              

Light and Compact Design

The TS-142-ON has these dimensions             3 in x 5 in x 7 in. 

Toothbrush product

Ritron Benefits

• Long Range (miles not feet) Radio Control
• No Trenching or Remodeling
• Easy Add-On to Existing Radio Systems
• Simple to Install
• Works through Repeaters for Even Longer Range
• Self Contained, All-in-One Solution

Stay Connected

When hard wiring is impractical or impossible, the Ritron TeleSwitch is ideal for any application where a contact closure is needed.

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