Choosing the Right Two-Way Radio for Your Team’s Needs

Choosing the Right Two-Way Radio for Your Team’s Needs

, by Joseph Gabriel, 2 min reading time

Does your business need two-way radios, but you don’t know your options? Take this advice for choosing the right two-way radio for your team’s needs.

Choosing the Right Two-Way Radio for Your Team’s Needs

Not all two-way radios are the same. They differ in safety features, user-friendliness, power levels, and more. You must be careful when choosing two-way radios for your business. Here’s how you can work through this predicament and make the right decision based on your team’s needs.

Radio Range and Power

If your team operates indoors, such as a restaurant or retail store, a low-power radio with a maximum range of two miles could be sufficient. Workers for operations in outdoor settings, like mining or farming, need high-power radios capable of covering distances of around 5–20 miles.

Geographical Obstacles

Consider the geographical features of your operations or facility. Dense forests or tall buildings can impact the signal strength and range of your radios. In such cases, models with advanced signal penetration capabilities can be beneficial. The radios you choose should operate on multiple channels to prevent interference and maintain clear communication with your team.

Radio Features and Functions

Modern two-way radios have many features, such as GPS. Choose two-way radios with many features and functions in order to meet your team's needs.

For example, retail store teams might prioritize radios with a calling function to communicate with individual team members without broadcasting to the entire group.

Outdoor event management businesses will benefit from a weather alert feature and real-time forecasting. Then, they can make last-minute adjustments for the event.

Radios with repeaters can extend the communication range. This ability is valuable in industries like agriculture or mining, where team members are spread out on large plots of land. Additionally, people in hazardous work environments will benefit from radios with an emergency alert button. When activated, it instantly sends a signal for help.

Your Business’s Budget Constraints

With so many radio options available, you can surely find something to fit your budget. However, don’t compromise on essential features in order to cut costs. For instance, a security company might invest in expensive radios that offer encryption features, ensuring secure communication during use.

Prioritize your team's requirements to guarantee safe operations and high-quality communication.

Analog and Digital Modes

Analog radios have existed for decades and are known for their ease of use. They are compatible with almost any other analog radio and are usually less expensive than their digital counterparts. Keep in mind that they may lack clarity, coverage, and advanced features offered by digital radios.

Digital radios have great audio clarity, even at the fringe of the coverage area. They support advanced features, such as text messaging, GPS, and emergency alerts. Digital radios also allow for private calls, enabling one-on-one communication within a group channel.

Atlantic Radio offers many two-way radios, including incredible Hytera handheld radios, with features like long battery life, clear audio, several open communication channels, and analog and digital modes. Take a look at our incredible stock of two-way radios to find the perfect models for your team.

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